VivaKids Champion– by committing to donate a small percentage of your net profits to VivaKids, you will become a champion of our organization. This can also take the form of a set amount per unit sold of your product or can be tailored to your specific business.  Essentially, you will be connecting the success of your business to the success of VivaKids!

When you join our team and become a VivaKids Champion our partnership works like a two way street and we bring value to our partners in several ways.

We can organize trips to the centers, that will be tailored specifically to your company.  Participate in company retreats, outings, banquets, and the like, in addition to promotion of VivaKids and the sponsorship program.

Your business or organization will be featured on the front page of our website with your logo and a link to your website. All of our supporters and visitors to our website will be exposed to the generosity of your company. You will also be featured on a “Support Our VivaKids Champions” page. In addition, we will have a landing page on our website where the extent of our relationship can be highlighted, all your customers do is enter the web address you provide on your packaging or marketing materials.

As a VivaKids Champion you will be authorized to use VivaKids branding in your marketing communication upon approval.

We believe that showing the love of Jesus Christ to our supporting partners, just like we do through our work in the field, is a very important part of who we are.