Our Mission trips are truly an experience of a lifetime!  We want you to be aware of the needs and conditions in the impoverished barrios of San Pedro de Marcoris.  We will go to the Dominican Republic and see first hand the impact the centers are making in the lives of the children and communities of Punta de Garza and Esperanza!

The team will stay in the mission housing on the second floor of the CIMIV center, here our team will become a family for the week.

We will get to see what a typical school day is like at each center while we spend time getting to know the students and staff.  We can do this through crafts, workshops, English lessons, team building, games, and more.

These trips will include us working together on a project that is needed at one of the centers. We may be painting, repairing equipment, helping with construction, we could be labor for a specific project or any number of things.

We hope to make this an impactful experience for you, so when you return home you can join us and take action.

When you hear “experience of a life time” we want you to think of our Mission trips!

For information or to sign up, email Marsha@vivakids.org.