At VivaKids, transparency is important to us.  We want you to always know where your money is directed and in what ways it is being used.  We hope that you will leave this page with a completed understanding of this topic.  But please feel free to contact us anytime you have questions.

The best way to start a discussion about the flow of funds is to explain the needs the centers have that we are trying to fulfill.  Each center has costs that fall under Operating Expenses and Capital Expenses.

Operating Expenses are the costs that the centers incur on a monthly basis to keep the center running.  These costs would include but are not limited to teacher and staff salaries, food for the children, utilities, supplies, books, preventative facility maintenance.

Capital Expenses include all of the items that do not fall under the routine.  These can include emergency repairs to key systems as well as facility expansion.  Emergency repairs could include problems with the pumps and filters on the water purification systems, the generator, medical lab equipment, kitchen appliances etc.  Capital Expenses would also cover facility, equipment, and building expansion or upgrades.  Examples could include new computers for the lab, desks for the classrooms, adding classrooms to the technical center, and similar projects.

The VivaKids Sponsor program was created to provide for the Operating Expenses of the centers.  Each center has a budget that allows them to provide a minimum level of services to the children, and each center has a budget that would allow them to operate at the level they feel God intended them to operate.  So it is important for you to know that your sponsorship dollars are going to the center your child attends to help them provide those services to the children by covering the monthly operating budget.  Keep in mind, it is not a situation where children that are not sponsored do not get to come to the center.  You are making a financial commitment to support the center’s operating budget for all the children, while entering into an important personal relationship with the child you choose.  Your role is to communicate with them, mentor them when possible, and pray for them.  More details of the Sponsorship program are available in that section of our site.

When our system is running as it was designed, 100% of the money you provide through sponsorship goes to directly to the center.  Nothing is withheld to cover the overhead of VivaKids.  That is covered as described below.

The VivaKids Partner program has two purposes.  The first is covering the overhead of VivaKids, which in turn allows us to send 100% of the sponsor dollars to the centers per the paragraph above.  The second is to build a Capital Expense fund that the centers can draw from to cover their unexpected repairs as well as desired improvements and expansion to achieve their vision.  When you give through one of these programs, this is how your funds are utilized.

Should you ever desire further clarification of where your dollars are going, do not hesitate to reach out to us.  We would be happy to answer your questions!