We are excited to announce a new annual summertime event called “THE 100 DRIVE”. As you may already be aware, one of our initial priorities is to get to a point where 100% of your child sponsorship dollars, goes to the center that your child attends.  In addition, we absolutely need to build capital expense funds for the centers to deal with the unexpected repairs and upgrades that frequently arise.  To accomplish both goals, we are looking for organizations and businesses that want to partner with us as a VivaChampion or VivaPartner.  When we can find partners that are willing to commit to supporting us on a recurring basis, we can cover our overhead and build these capital expense funds, while 100% of child sponsorship dollars goes directly to the center!  You can read all about this plan on the new website under the “How We Handle Your Support” link and the “Stay and Help” section of the website.

The 100 Drive will work like this:  For the 100 days of summer, we will work to get 100% of the child sponsorship dollars going to the center they attend by finding 100 new organizational partners, this will make it easy to find 100 new child sponsors, and with all the excitement and everyone talking about it we can get 100 new social media followers.

What’s in it for you? Glad you asked.  For every partner you bring us, you get an entry to win a FREE Vacation with a Purpose trip to join us in October AND the organization that partners with us, also gets an entry!  Same thing for the child sponsorships.  For every child you get sponsored, you get an entry to win a trip AND the person sponsoring gets an entry.  Now here’s the catch.  To trigger the drawing of the trips, we have to meet our goals.  SO, we will only give away the trip for the organization partner recruiting IF we achieve 100 new partners.  We will only give away the trip for the child sponsor recruitment, IF we obtain 100 new child sponsorships.  The idea here is to recruit all these new partners and sponsors for the benefit of the children centers.  It wouldn’t make sense to give away the trips if we don’t achieve that goal.




100 days! 100 partners! 100 child sponsors! 100% to the centers! 100 followers!

I hope you will all get excited to go out and improve the situation of our partner children centers by recruiting as many new partners and sponsors as you can.  The kids need you.

The 100 Drive will end and the trips will be given away at the Mulligans & Shinsplints Celebration Dinner on September 10, 2017.

We will soon have a direct link to register a new VivaChampion or VivaPartner on our website.  Until then, please send your interest in becoming or signing up a partner to us at Bill@vivakids.org!  Or call us at 610-504-1098.

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