Raising awareness means introducing as many people as we can to the work being done at the children centers.  So how do we do that?  The answer is….as many ways as we can!

We want you to “GO AND SEE” the amazing work being done by our partner centers.  We want you to go and connect with the people who are doing the hard work that is required to help kids break the cycle of poverty.  Above all, we want you to go and love the kids whose lives are being changed because they attend these centers.

So we have created multiple ways to make this happen.  Our VivaMission trips which involve staying at the CIMIV center and working there and at Pan Y Vida for the week.  We also offer our VivaVacations (with a Purpose).  These involve staying at an all-inclusive resort but also visiting the centers for tours, doing a service project, and spending the day with your sponsored child (if you have one) at a local attraction.  Of course, there will also be plenty of time spent enjoying the resort.  Finally, we have our various methods of telling the story through video, photo and print media.

Click on the links throughout this section to learn more details about these methods to GO AND SEE….and then sign up!