VivaKids exists to provide HOPE FOR TOMORROW in the developing world by showing the love of Jesus Christ to its children and their communities through the people that serve them.


VivaKids provides support to local organizations in the developing world that show the love of Jesus Christ to children and their communities.  These organizations provide a safe place to meet the children’s spiritual, educational, medical and nutritional needs, which result in breaking the cycle of poverty that is prevalent in these communities. OUR MISSION IS TO RAISE AWARENESS THAT LEADS TO ACTION.


We come alongside, we do not run over.

We are called to come alongside ministries that have been called by God to do a work in their local community. We do this by raising awareness here in the US and other developed countries, that leads to action that brings resources to the local ministry.

Our role is NOT to get them to do things our way or take over their ministry.

We do not dilute our effectiveness.

We keep laser focus on the centers we have come alongside and do not get distracted. We would rather do much for a few than do little for a many.

We bring value to our partners.

  • Our partnership is a two-way street!
  • We can organize trips to the centers, that will be tailored and specific to your company.
  • Participate in company retreats, outings, banquets, and the like, in addition to promotion of VivaKids and the sponsorship program.
  • Show the love of Jesus Christ to our supporting partners, just like we do through our work in the field.

We are all in with everything we do!

We strive for excellence in everything we do, because the children, staff and the communities where the centers are located deserve our very best.