It has been our goal from the beginning of this journey to get to a place where 100% of your sponsorship dollars goes directly to the center your sponsored child attends. To do this, we sought to find partners that believed in what we are trying to accomplish in connecting resources to ministries that are seeking to break the cycle of poverty in Jesus name.

We are very excited to report that due to the generosity of organizations such as Dieffenbach’s and CEFC church, we have achieved this goal. Effective March 1st, this will be a reality. When you sponsor a child through VivaKids, you can rest assured that ALL of your funds are going to directly support your sponsored child.

Our mission is to “RAISE AWARENESS THAT LEADS TO ACTION”. We have not been given the task of creating the programs in these impoverished communities. Those are being handled by people who are native to the area and know its needs best…people that have been called by God to do this work. Our role at VivaKids is to help them by connecting resources to their work and being an encouragement to them always. We thank you for your continued support of this ministry and we look forward to being partners for years to come!

Bill & Marsha