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Dieffenbach’s UGLIES®️ Press Release

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Dieffenbach's UGLIES®️ chips!  Please read the accompanying press release for more details and above all, help us show our appreciation and go buy a bag (or two) of UGLIES chips!  Press Release Final

Building Momentum!

Hello Friends! We hope everyone in the United States is having a great Memorial Day weekend!  If you or someone you love has a friend or family member who laid down their life in service to the military, we thank you!  The freedom we have should never be taken for granted.  It was earned

The Start of Something New

As Marsha and I sit here at the CIMIV center, we can help but shake our heads at all of the new things that are happening in our lives.  We have a new daughter-in-law, and another daughter-in-law AND son-in-law on the way before the calendar travels a full year.  In April we also welcomed our

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