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Partner Children Centers

Cimiv Children Center

CIMIV Children Center was founded in February of 1995 by Dr. Enerio and Leopoldina Mercedes of San Pedro, Dominican Republic.  They began this work in the poverty stricken neighborhood of Punta de Garza after seeing the desperate need of the children.  Initially the program started by giving snacks and some basic education help to about 30 children.  Since then, the program has grown significantly and today they are a state-recognized private school, offering education which far supersedes the public system.  In addition, they provide two healthy meals a day to each of their children.  They also offer medical check-ups on a regular basis.  These services are offered free of charge and currently there are about 165 children registered in their program.

Pan y Vida Children Center

The Pan y Vida Children Center began in 1996 reaching out to needy children in the community of Esperanza, located in San Pedro, Dominican Republic.  Founded by Isaias and Mercedes Nelson, they began initially by preparing breakfast for children in the community.  Within a year, a small, wooden church was built.  After being destroyed twice by hurricanes and storms, they were able to build a church of concrete block, and soon after a school was added.  Since then, the Center has grown significantly.  They now have 150 children registered in their program.  The children receive classes in reading, writing, English and computer.  They also receive help and tutoring in other subjects.  2 meals a day (Monday-Friday) are served at the center.  They also provide regular medical check-ups for each child.